How to Avoid Common House Foundation Problems, Draining any water near the house, Plant trees away from the house, grade well, clean gutters, Extend the downspouts

How to Avoid Common House Foundation Problems

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Many people ignore the house foundation the moment they move in. A neglected foundation will fail and start to have problems which will cost more to repair. The foundation holds together the whole house, and if it fails, then you have no house. Proper foundation care is easy and painless as it does not cost much, repairing the cracks is more costly. To save that money, start taking care of your foundation by:

Draining any water near the house

Pools of water accumulating near your house are not healthy for the foundation. The water causes soil expansion which then results in stress on the walls leading to cracks. Ensure to clear out any water near the house or install in-ground drains.

Plant trees away from the house

Trees require moisture from the soil for nourishment. During dry seasons, the trees dig deeper to find moisture which could disturb the way your foundation sits. As the tree roots dig deeper and further to find moisture, they could disturb the foundation and cause cracks.

Grade well

When there is a lot of water near your house, proper grading ensures that it does not reach your foundation. A six inch in ten feet grade will work great to make sure that your foundation remains intact. A negative grade will bring water towards the house which will affect the stability and structural strength of the foundation.

Clean your gutters

Failure to clean gutters fills them with debris which hinders the delivery of water away from the foundation. Leaves, cones and any other debris from the roof into the gutters clog the edge of the sheet and only release the water near the foundation. The excessive absorption of water causes cracks in the foundation.

Extend the downspouts

If the downspouts in your home are too close to the foundation, they are a potential risk. They should be at least ten feet away from the foundation. You can extend downspouts using underground extensions which ensure your foundation remains dry and chances of them being disturbed are minimal.

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