What Our Columbus, Ohio Home Inspector Looks For During Your Inspection

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Dayton, Ohio Home Inspector

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Southwest Ohio Home Inspections is the best Columbus, Ohio Home Inspector in the area. For a quick preview of what our Inspector looks for during your Home Inspection, read below:

Every home inspection we do at Southwest Ohio Home Inspections consists of a thorough inspection of the electrical system. We test all accessible electrical receptacles for proper wiring, all of the lights and ceiling fans for proper function, and we thoroughly examine the inside of the main electric panel, and any sub panels, to ensure that everything is properly wired, that any AFCI or GFCI breakers are functional, and to make sure there is no faulty aluminum wiring visible.

Southwest Ohio Home Inspections also does a thorough HVAC system inspection. We make sure all HVAC components are properly installed, that they function as they should, and we determine the age of the system. We ensure that every room has conditioned air flowing into it, and we may also make recommendations to increase the efficiency of the installed systems. And most importantly, we ensure that there are no deadly Carbon Monoxide hazards caused by faulty or poorly installed equipment.

We do a thorough evaluation of all plumbing systems within a house. We test all of the drains, faucets, showers, bathtubs, and check for leaks. We make sure all plumbing systems are installed properly, and ensure that the potential new home owner doesn’t have any surprise repair bills right after they move in. We also determine the age of the water heater, ensure that it is properly installed, and that it functions properly.

The roof is a very important structural element of every home. W give your roof a thorough inspection, and make sure that the flashing is done properly, that the shingles have life left, and we determine how many layers of shingles are currently installed on the roof. We get inside every accessible attic, and examine the underside of the roof, to ensure that the sheathing is in good condition, and we check for any signs of active leaks. The roof structure is carefully evaluated, and we ensure that the attic space has enough ventilation.

At Southwest Ohio Home inspections, we make it a point to check every accessible window to make sure that it functions properly. We also open and close every interior and exterior door, and make sure that it lines up properly in the door jamb, and we evaluate exterior doors for proper seals and functional door knobs and locks.

The garage of a home is often overlooked by potential home owners. We inspect every garage to ensure that the garage doors work properly, as well as their safety features. We check all of the garage electrical systems, and evaluate the condition of the garage door.

We do a thorough evaluation of the exterior of every home. We make sure that there is proper grading, and that any rainwater flows away from the foundation. We examine the condition of the exterior covering (brick, siding, stone, etc.). We examine the foundation, and make sure there aren’t any cracks. We also inspect all of the exterior light fixtures and receptacles, to ensure that they function as they should.

Any appliances that are included in the sale of the home receive a thorough inspection by Southwest Ohio Home Inspections. We make sure that all of the included appliances work properly and are installed properly.

Homes can have difficult to detect water leaks in any room. At Southwest Ohio Home Inspections, we do a thorough inspection for leaks. Often times, there can be evidence of leaks, but it may not be an active leak, and has already been repaired. We can determine whether or not it is a current leak using one of the many tools we bring with us to every home inspection.

For all this, and much more, contact us today if you want to hire the best Columbus, Ohio Home Inspector.