What are Some of the Signs of a Potential Sinkhole?

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What are Some of the Signs of a Potential Sinkhole?

Before the strike of natural disasters, there are always signs pointing to the possibility of that catastrophe. Whether a sinkhole occurs naturally or through human-made ways, there are potential signs that warn people of the impending danger. Sinkholes can be very dangerous. A small sinkhole may not be a significant threat but can still claim lives and buildings. A massive … Read More

Why the Shape of Your Roof Matters

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Why the Shape of Your Roof Matters

Many people do not know this, but the shape of your home or roof can protect you from heavy winds and hurricanes. According to researchers, certain roof shapes can better resist the winds and make the house stronger to withstand extreme weather conditions. When choosing a new roof for your home, consider the kind of weather the area experiences and … Read More

What Causes Sinkholes?

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What Causes Sinkholes

There are two main types of sinkholes which occur differently. Natural sinkholes occur due to natural causes like the presence of underground water or soil erosion. Human-made sinkholes occur due to activities of man. A sinkhole does not just happen in a day, the process is gradual, and there are tell-tale signs before one appears. A sinkhole can develop for … Read More

How Often to Clean a Septic Tank

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Septic tank, How Often to Clean a Septic Tank

According to many septic tank owners, they do not deem it necessary to clean it unless the system has issues. The problem with this logic is that the owner ends up paying heftily for not maintaining their system. Regular pumping of the system removes the solid materials that begin to form at the bottom of the tank. If the solid … Read More

Green Murky Pool Hazards

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Green Murky Pool Hazards, Stomach infections , Urinary tract infection, Drowning, Eye and skin irritation

Murky pools are a danger to your health and life. Itchy red eyes and irritation on the skin are just a few of the hazards that await you in a dark green pool. All pool owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their pools and pool water by regularly cleaning and changing the water. There is so much … Read More

Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

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Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

Close to 90% of homes would be dysfunctional without electricity. As technology introduces more electrical home appliances and people keep embracing them, extension cords are necessary evils in modern homes. Extension cables are very helpful, but people do not realize just how dangerous they are. They can cause many fatal accidents around the house and in offices especially where children … Read More

Electrical Safety: Are Power Lines Near Trees a Concern?

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Electrical polls near buildings

If you have trees growing near power lines, consider it a significant risk. When it comes to electrical safety, it is important to explore all angles because electricity is both useful and lethal. Trees or any vegetation that grows high enough to reach the power lines is a hazard. Over 20% of power outages are as a result of trees … Read More

How to Avoid Common House Foundation Problems

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How to Avoid Common House Foundation Problems, Draining any water near the house, Plant trees away from the house, grade well, clean gutters, Extend the downspouts

Many people ignore the house foundation the moment they move in. A neglected foundation will fail and start to have problems which will cost more to repair. The foundation holds together the whole house, and if it fails, then you have no house. Proper foundation care is easy and painless as it does not cost much, repairing the cracks is … Read More

How to Clean up Mold in Your Home

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Mold cleaning, How to Clean up Mold in Your Home, Vinegar, baking soda, Hydrogen peroxide

Mold clean up takes many forms and techniques. Some people employ cleaning crews; others use chemicals to kill off the mold while many others opt for a non-toxic way of getting rid of mold. Cleaning up mold is one step towards getting rid of it entirely. After cleaning, you need to prevent the return of mold by identifying the causes. … Read More

How to Maintain Underground Plumbing Systems

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How to Maintain Underground Plumbing Systems, Daily maintenance tips, Weekly maintenance tips

Should your plumbing system malfunction, everything in your home comes to a standstill, and you have a huge mess on your hands. A functional plumbing system is essential. Many people opt for underground piping since there is less risk of interferences. When you have an underground plumbing system, you still need to take care of it for smooth running. Your … Read More

How to Renovate an Old House

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How to Renovate an Old House, Inspect the house , budget, Start with the roof and windows

Any work put into an old home requires careful consideration. When you decide to renovate an old house, you need to exercise caution and moderation. Many people make the mistake of overly planning and picking out things they want in the house before calculating the risks and practicability of what they want. Old houses should be treated as rare gems … Read More

Why You Need a Permit for a Water Well

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well water, lincense, permit, Why You Need a Permit for a Water Well

There are many types of wells, and they all require permits before construction. Your private well requires that you get a permit in accordance with the law and to ensure that you follow all the requirements for the building of the well. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of people and the quality of water that the … Read More

Essential Masonry Chimney Height Rules

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Essential Masonry Chimney Height Rules

There are many building regulations put in place, all to protect you. Some people find these masonry chimney height rules are bothersome. However, you should follow them. One of the things whose conditions you need to regard seriously is the chimney. The size and placement of the chimney determine whether or not it is safe to light any fire in … Read More

Wood Rotting Guide and the Causes of Wood Rot

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Wood Rotting Guide and the Causes of Wood Rot

Wood rotting is a major problem for the structural integrity of your house. When wood becomes too wet, it begins to rot. Wood rotting is always an indication that the moisture levels in the house are too high. There are three main types of wood rot. 1.    White rot White rot is mainly evident in hardwoods. When you begin … Read More

How to Check the Structural Integrity of Your House

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Check the Structural Integrity of Your House

The structural integrity of your home is essential. Regularly checking your house for any signs of structural problems helps prevent severe damage that may cost more to repair. Many structural problems in homes result from the poor material selection. When the wood on the sides of your house begins to rot, it compromises the walls, rotting shingles and roof tiles … Read More

Best roof shingles in the Market

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roof shingles

Judging roofing materials is easy when you know what qualities you want in a roof. Consider the best qualities of the materials before you look at the cost. Once you have all the qualities, check them against the set budget and pick the best roof shingles. Roofing shingles are very popular. They are durable and affordable and cater to most … Read More

House Attic Insulation Cost

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House Attic Insulation Cost

When it comes to house attic insulation cost, you have a lot of choices depending on what you want. However, it is important that you focus on the best methods for durability and efficiency. Batts, blown and spray foam insulations are the best and easiest to install attic insulation. Out of the three house attic insulators, you get to pick … Read More

Causes of Water Stain on Ceiling

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ceiling water stain

From the moment you spot that unpleasant, brownish water stain on ceiling, your mind starts plotting the fastest ways of getting rid of it. Addressing the water stain could help solve the problem momentarily, but the ugly stains will be back until you fix the problem at the source. Water stain on ceiling result from several causes, most of which … Read More

Metal Roof Leaks and Roof Problems

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Metal Roof Leaks

Metal roof leaks are nightmares to some. The metal roofs come in various shapes, textures, and materials. There are steel, aluminum, copper and alloy strips of metal roofs. Each texture and material come at a different cost; copper is more expensive than others. Most people prefer copper because it acquires a greenish layer that people like. Most people prefer metal … Read More

Well Water Problems- The Dangers of Gases and Metals in Water

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Gases and metals in water

Well water is laden with many contaminants some of which are harmful metals that pose many risks to human health. The metals in water pose various dangers. The well water problems are numerous. Every metal found in water has unique symptoms, which enables you to get treatment. Some, of the dangers, can be long-term and even lead to death which … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

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Baby proofing your home

Learning the basics of baby proofing your home is important even before you are expecting a little one. Prior preparation is more important and organized than the last minute rush that most people find themselves in. You should not consider baby proofing when your baby begins crawling around the house. There are so many areas to consider when baby proofing … Read More

How to Get Rid of Radon in Water

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Dayton Ohio Radon Test Illustration

Do you know the how to get rid of radon in water? You may not know but you are ware radon gas is a hazardous. The radioactive nature of the gas poses many health risks. It accounts for close to 1000 deaths every year. Many people know of radon gas being in houses, and they have tests to determine the … Read More

How to Test Water Quality of a Well

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How safe is the water you are using? Whether you are using tap or well water at home, you need to know how to test water and ascertain quality. A safe and reliable water source goes a long way in ensuring you and your family are healthy. Having a well can be tasking, especially when it comes to maintenance. Your well … Read More

How to Prevent Mold on Windows at Home

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If want to know how to prevent mold growth in your home, then you will do right by your home and ensure to keep moisture at bay. Dampness in the house or areas of the house attracts mold which then becomes an issue for instance mold on windows. You can prevent the growth of mold by preventing humidity in these … Read More

Common and Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

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Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

While many people scramble to buy and rent new homes, there are those who enjoy the comforts of an older home. There are problems privy to old homes that need addressing to ensure the safety of the house. Electrical safety is critical, and the basic house wiring in old homes can be a challenge. Every house has undergone repairs, over … Read More

A Complete Guide on How to Install Water Heater

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How to Install Water Heater

You have the option of getting gas or electric water heater but do you know how to install water heater? For each choice, however, you have to be prepared for the installation process and learn the basics. When installing water heaters the first step in both gas and electric is to shut off the gas and electricity and also the … Read More