How to Test Water Quality of a Well

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How safe is the water you are using? Whether you are using tap or well water at home, you need to know how to test water and ascertain quality. A safe and reliable water source goes a long way in ensuring you and your family are healthy. Having a well can be tasking, especially when it comes to maintenance. Your well … Read More

How to Prevent Mold on Windows at Home

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If want to know how to prevent mold growth in your home, then you will do right by your home and ensure to keep moisture at bay. Dampness in the house or areas of the house attracts mold which then becomes an issue for instance mold on windows. You can prevent the growth of mold by preventing humidity in these … Read More

Common and Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

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Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

While many people scramble to buy and rent new homes, there are those who enjoy the comforts of an older home. There are problems privy to old homes that need addressing to ensure the safety of the house. Electrical safety is critical, and the basic house wiring in old homes can be a challenge. Every house has undergone repairs, over … Read More

A Complete Guide on How to Install Water Heater

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How to Install Water Heater

You have the option of getting gas or electric water heater but do you know how to install water heater? For each choice, however, you have to be prepared for the installation process and learn the basics. When installing water heaters the first step in both gas and electric is to shut off the gas and electricity and also the … Read More