Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

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Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

Close to 90% of homes would be dysfunctional without electricity. As technology introduces more electrical home appliances and people keep embracing them, extension cords are necessary evils in modern homes. Extension cables are very helpful, but people do not realize just how dangerous they are. They can cause many fatal accidents around the house and in offices especially where children … Read More

Electrical Safety: Are Power Lines Near Trees a Concern?

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Electrical polls near buildings

If you have trees growing near power lines, consider it a significant risk. When it comes to electrical safety, it is important to explore all angles because electricity is both useful and lethal. Trees or any vegetation that grows high enough to reach the power lines is a hazard. Over 20% of power outages are as a result of trees … Read More

Common and Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

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Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

While many people scramble to buy and rent new homes, there are those who enjoy the comforts of an older home. There are problems privy to old homes that need addressing to ensure the safety of the house. Electrical safety is critical, and the basic house wiring in old homes can be a challenge. Every house has undergone repairs, over … Read More

A Complete Guide on How to Install Water Heater

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How to Install Water Heater

You have the option of getting gas or electric water heater but do you know how to install water heater? For each choice, however, you have to be prepared for the installation process and learn the basics. When installing water heaters the first step in both gas and electric is to shut off the gas and electricity and also the … Read More