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Why You Need a Permit for a Water Well

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There are many types of wells, and they all require permits before construction. Your private well requires that you get a permit in accordance with the law and to ensure that you follow all the requirements for the building of the well. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of people and the quality of water that the …

Gases and metals in water

Well Water Problems- The Dangers of Gases and Metals in Water

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Well water is laden with many contaminants some of which are harmful metals that pose many risks to human health. The metals in water pose various dangers. The well water problems are numerous. Every metal found in water has unique symptoms, which enables you to get treatment. Some, of the dangers, can be long-term and even lead to death which …

Dayton Ohio Radon Test Illustration

How to Get Rid of Radon in Water

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Do you know the how to get rid of radon in water? You may not know but you are ware radon gas is a hazardous. The radioactive nature of the gas poses many health risks. It accounts for close to 1000 deaths every year. Many people know of radon gas being in houses, and they have tests to determine the …

How to Test Water Quality of a Well

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How safe is the water you are using? Whether you are using tap or well water at home, you need to know how to test water and ascertain quality. A safe and reliable water source goes a long way in ensuring you and your family are healthy. Having a well can be tasking, especially when it comes to maintenance. Your well …