Termite Inspection Services

BPG Inspections provides State Licensed Columbus Ohio Termite Inspection services!

Why have a WDO Inspection?
Not only do some lenders and types of loans require WDO inspections, a WDO inspection protects you in investing in your newest purchase – your home! WDO are costly visitors to your home as they eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can cause major damage to your home’s structure. Termites are active in 49 states and cause more than $50 billion in property damage each year. Call BPG Inspections at 800-285-3001 today to determine if your home has any evidence of WDO!

Wood Destroying Insect Information

Dayton Ohio Termite Inspection Termite InfoSubterranean termites are the most commonly found termite in the United States. Termites feed upon materials that contain cellulose, such as wood. In nature, termites are beneficial in that they return dead trees to the soil as nutrients; unfortunately, they are unable to distinguish between a dead tree and your home! Termites build mud tubes (also referred to as shelter tubes), composed of soil, wood particles, fecal material, and termite saliva, to enable their safe movement through exposed areas (such as a garage wall or exposed floor joist). Termites, being social insects, live in very large colonies with some estimates suggesting over 15,000,000 termites in a single colony! Termites have the capability to slowly, but surely, destroy a structure.

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