Common indicators that you need to repaint your home

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The outward appearance of your house is the first thing people, notice. Preserving the beauty of a house is important in making the house feel like home. Every homeowner has a responsibility to take care of their houses, as soon as the paint starts to discolor, get new paint and rejuvenate your homes youthfulness.

Most people wait for the opinion of professional painters to tell them when to repaint. A painter will always say it’s time to repaint because they want the job. You can easily tell when it is time to repaint by looking out for this indicators:

  1. The paint is peeling

Peeling paint is never a good look on any house. In most cases, peeling starts in areas that get a lot of moisture like window sills. Once the paint begins to come off, there is no protection for the walls, and the house loses of its beauty. When there is no protective paint layer on wood, moisture finds its way inside, and the wood begins to rot. Repainting as soon as you notice peeling is better than waiting to incur enormous repair costs after wood rots.

  1. Fading paint

The sun’s rays are not very kind on paint. Through exposure to the sun, paint is bleached, and the color begins fading into unattractive shades. If this is happening to your house, it is time to repaint, protect your house through a new coat and bring back the shine of your home.

III.    Cracking and flaking paint

There are many contributing factors to chipping paint. All you need to do is ensure that you identify the problem, address it and repaint to protect wood from rotting. Cracking paint can result from mold, rot, exposure to the sun, a lot of moisture and harsh winter weather.

  1. Caulks hardening

Caulking protects your house as it is designed to expand and contract with changing weather conditions. After exposure to extreme conditions, sunny summers and freezing winters, the caulking loses its functionality over time and begins to harden. When this happens, it is time to re-caulk.

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