Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes

Common and Basic House Wiring Faults in Old Homes Electrical, Safety Leave a Comment

While many people scramble to buy and rent new homes, there are those who enjoy the comforts of an older home. There are problems privy to old homes that need addressing to ensure the safety of the house. Electrical safety is critical, and the basic house wiring in old homes can be a challenge.

Every house has undergone repairs, over time while the home changed owners, they may have needed additions or replacements which saw different technicians tamper with the original house wiring. A first look at the basic house wiring in an old home could reveal a mess of wires. Some of the common problems of the wiring in old homes include:

1. Dim and flickering bulbs

When your bulbs only shed a dim light and keep flickering, the wiring might be the issue. Many people spend money replacing bulbs while the problem lies in the connection. Having a licensed technician check out the problem for you helps save money. Instead of buying many bulbs, have the wire connection fixed.

2. Dead outlet

In many old homes, there are more than one electrical panels which can be confusing. The cable links in the house can be so complicated that you do not know what some of the switches do. Having a certified electrician look at the wiring is the smart decision especially when you find a dead outlet. Do not under any circumstance try to figure out the wiring.

3.    Use of old wires

Technology has come a long way in improving everything. Some of the wires used in old homes, however, are quite old and can cause problems. Over time, the wiring loses its firmness and can tear, the insulation on the wires can also wear. For the sake of electrical safety, if you are in an old home with old basic house wiring in place, have an electrician take a look at the installation to weed out any potential problems.

4. Low power wiring

Everything evolves at uncontained rates today and the amount of electricity that people needed ten years ago is not the same as now. Many old homes do not have the electrical capability to hold the amount of power that people use on a daily basis today. The wiring in old homes causes the bulbs to dim when another appliance is in use. If this happens, it is important to get a certified technician to address the problem.

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