Gases and metals in water

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Well water is laden with many contaminants some of which are harmful metals that pose many risks to human health. The metals in water pose various dangers. The well water problems are numerous. Every metal found in water has unique symptoms, which enables you to get treatment. Some, of the dangers, can be long-term and even lead to death which is why it is important that your water is treated to get rid of all metals and gases.


Each metal and gas has different treatment procedures. Therefore, it is important to look at each contaminant and the dangers that it causes to you. Some of the most dangerous metals and gases found in water include:

1. Cadmium

If there are trace amounts of cadmium in your well water, you face the risk of hypertension and kidney disease. Besides, the metal has links to a genetic mutation.

2. Arsenic

Arsenic occurs naturally which makes it very common and present in many areas. Moreover, its poisoning leads to hair and weight loss, fatigue, depression and white lines on your fingernails. People with chronic arsenic poisoning also get nauseated.

3. Barium

High concentrations of barium in your well water leads to irreparable damage to your blood vessels, nervous system, and the heart.

4. Aluminum

Being the most concentrated metal in the earth’s crust, aluminum is available in many underground wells, hence its presence in water can cause problems with your nervous system.

5. Lead

Lead is the slow killer that accumulates in the body causing minor discomforts at first. Moreover, its poisoning causes abdominal pains and fatigue, and after a long time of accumulation. It also causes kidney diseases, anemia, brain, and nerve paralysis.

6. Mercury

Exposure to large amounts of mercury leads to brain damage, memory loss, and loosening of teeth. Mercury poisoning in its early stages, therefore, causes weakness and insomnia, indigestion and diarrhea.

7. Chromium

Inhaling chromium puts you at risk because it causes lung tumors. It is not only harmful to humans but also aquatic life.

8. Radon

The gas causes lung cancer and also has links to leukemia according to several studies. You can get a way of getting rid of radon gas here.

There are many ways of treating these gases and metals in water to ensure the safety of your well water. The well water problems should also be addressed. Some of the easiest ways of addressing include using granular activated carbon, use of sodium carbonate, distillation, calcium carbonate filters and ion exchange.

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