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Electrical Safety: Are Power Lines Near Trees a Concern?

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If you have trees growing near power lines, consider it a significant risk. When it comes to electrical safety, it is important to explore all angles because electricity is both useful and lethal. Trees or any vegetation that grows high enough to reach the power lines is a hazard.

Over 20% of power outages are as a result of trees near the lines. They cause electrical surges, blackouts, and even fires. All trees and shrubs should not come into contact with electricity lines. When the trees interfere with the electric currents, they cause damage to power equipment and put you at risk.

As soon as you notice that there are trees near a power line, contact electrical technicians to take care of it. The power lines carry powerful current which electrocutes as soon as you touch it, do not try to trim the tree yourself.

Safety risks of trees near power lines

Besides electrocution, while trying to cut, sometimes the current travels through the trees and reaches the ground which is a huge risk. If anyone touches the tree or comes near the area, they risk electrocution or have severe electric burns.

The other major threat is fire breaking out when dry leaves and branches come into contact with power lines. Without the immediate notice and maintenance, the fire can cause extensive damages to your land, house and electric equipment.

How to avoid the risks

When power lines are passing over your house or farm, it does not mean you cease planting; you just have to be cautious about it. Ensure to plant low growing shrubs.

Pruning any trees near power lines should be done by certified personnel. Before the trees are a meter close to the power lines in any direction, pruning should be carried out. Under no circumstances should you or anyone trim the trees when there are high winds?

Electrical safety is all about following the set guidelines and enquiring on anything that is not clear. If something looks and feels suspicious, call an electrician to take care of it and stay out of danger.

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