Green Murky Pool Hazards, Stomach infections , Urinary tract infection, Drowning, Eye and skin irritation

Green Murky Pool Hazards

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Murky pools are a danger to your health and life. Itchy red eyes and irritation on the skin are just a few of the hazards that await you in a dark green pool. All pool owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their pools and pool water by regularly cleaning and changing the water.

There is so much waste that goes into pools when people use them. Whether it is a privately owned pool or a public pool, green cloudy and algae formation is indicative of neglect. Take care of yourself by staying away from dark pools. These pools pose the following threats to you:

Stomach infections

Many people do not practice pool etiquette. In a dark pool, you cannot tell the level of dirt, people excrete and urinate in pools, they even spit. E.Coli is a bacteria that is present in many swimming pools especially dirty pools. It is a huge cause of stomach bugs and passes through feces. Stomach bugs result in nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Dirt and bacteria cause the discoloration of pool water. E.Coli does not only infect you with stomach bugs but also increases your risk of contracting a UTI. Swimming in a dark pool exposes you to the risk of contracting a recurring urinary infection.


Dirty pool water hinders visibility. It only takes a split two minutes to drown and when your sight is impaired, and it is harder to scream for help. When a person is drowning in a dark pool, it is not very easy for anyone to notice since you can barely see through the colored water.

Eye and skin irritation

Many people believe that the smell of dirty pools is chlorine. The moment a pool becomes dirty, greenish and cloudy, the chlorine in the pool mixes with ammonia from other contaminants like sweat, blood, feces, spit and urine to form chloramine which gives off a powerful scent and is the primary cause of red, itchy eyes and skin irritation.

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