Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

Hazards Associated with Electrical Extension Cords

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Close to 90% of homes would be dysfunctional without electricity. As technology introduces more electrical home appliances and people keep embracing them, extension cords are necessary evils in modern homes. Extension cables are very helpful, but people do not realize just how dangerous they are. They can cause many fatal accidents around the house and in offices especially where children are involved. Some of the hazards include:


Foot traffic in homes is unavoidable because you need to pick and put back things from different parts of your house. There is heavy furniture in the house which could cause fatal accidents when someone trips and falls or has a piece of furniture fall on them. If you have extension cords running through the rooms, the kitchen, your living room, you run the risk of tripping and pulling appliances and furniture during the fall.

The simple solution to this is placing cords in areas with less foot traffic. You can also have the extension wires run through walls and baseboards to keep them out of the way.

Electrical burns

With children running around the house and trying to discover new things, extension cords are a huge risk. Many children have suffered severe electrical burns, some of which require surgery due to carelessly placed cables. For the safety of children, avoid using extension cords, if you cannot avoid using them, ensure you have properly tucked away out of the children’s reach.


Many people fall prey to linking power cords together to increase their outlets. Resist this urge at all costs because it is among the most prevalent causes of electrical fires. Through connecting many extension cables together, you end up overloading the primary outlet which then results in blown circuits or a fire. To prevent this, only use the available outlets to avoid electric resistance through the links.

Fire from extension cords also comes as a result of using old and substandard wires. Ensure to get high-quality cords for safety. If you are temporarily running a cable through a high traffic area, mark the area and warn people so that they do not trip. Replace extension cords as soon as they begin showing signs of wearing.

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