House Attic Insulation Cost

House Attic Insulation Cost

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When it comes to house attic insulation cost, you have a lot of choices depending on what you want. However, it is important that you focus on the best methods for durability and efficiency. Batts, blown and spray foam insulations are the best and easiest to install attic insulation.

Out of the three house attic insulators, you get to pick the one that best suits your needs from their characteristics and efficiency. Each brings a unique feel to your attic.


Batts is a type of insulation made of long intertwined fibers that have an adhesive binder. They provide excellent house attic insulation. They are available in fiberglass and cotton which makes them quality insulators and a great way of recycling since the cotton batts come from old blue jeans.

When installing the insulation, every inch of the space should be properly filled to ensure proper function. No gaps or voids should be left unfilled as this compromises the effectiveness of the insulator.

Spray foam

Spray foam is an excellent insulation for the attic. With spray foam, you can easily push the boundaries by insulating the attic floor and the roofline. There are two types of spray foam each carrying its load of advantages and disadvantages.

Closed cell spray foam is more expensive but worth the cost since it gives a higher R-value per inch than any other house attic insulation. It has a high density and also boosts the structural strength of the walls and the roof.

Open cell foam, on the other hand, is also very efficient and more affordable than closed cell. The R-value of open cell foam is lower which requires that you spray thick layers for excellent house attic insulation.


Blown insulation is in small pieces that fill up the attic. The delivery method for these parts is using a power hose and blowing the blown into every corner of the house attic. There are fiberglass and cellulose blown available that both offer close to the same R-value. House attic insulation cost may be reduced by adopting blown insulation. Both materials have a list of pros and cons which help you decide between the recycled newspaper cellulose and the fiberglass insulation.

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