How to Install Water Heater

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You have the option of getting gas or electric water heater but do you know how to install water heater? For each choice, however, you have to be prepared for the installation process and learn the basics. When installing water heaters the first step in both gas and electric is to shut off the gas and electricity and also the water. While other steps may differ, it is important that you begin with shutting everything down.

Water heaters are heavy, and you need help moving and installing them. Ensure that you follow all the steps given failure to which the system will not work efficiently. The steps involved in installing a water heater are:

  • Drain the water tank

You need to remove all the water in the reservoir before you begin installing water heaters. Ensure that you cut off the supply pipes for the tank to remain empty during the process. The hot and cold water pipes should be shut off during the installation. Ensure you contact someone who knows how to instal water heaters if you are not sure of anything.

  • Attach the relief valve

Pick up a wrench and connect the relief valve to the tank tightly. The relief valve is to check and regulate the temperature and pressure in the tank.

  • Input the pipes

Before you reconnect the cold and hot water pipes, put copper adapters on the cold and hot water outlets. While attaching these tubes, ensure to add short plastic nipples that will prevent corrosion right before the copper pipes.

  • Put the water heater in place

Set the water heater in place and attach the pipes. Ensure that you solder the pipes together and check to be sure that they align correctly. Use copper couplings to reinforce the tubes.

  • Reconnect the vent, gas and power lines

The vent should stand at 12 inches before the first turn is created to ensure effectiveness. Once the vent is in place, reattach the gas line. If you are using an electric water heater, then connect to the power outlet and then refill the tank. Before filling the tank, ensure the drain valve is closed and turn the hot and cold water valves that you had shut off.

Finishing How to Install Water Heater

When you finish the installation, it is important to exercise caution by inspecting all the fittings and valves to ensure there is no water leaking. Leave the faucet on until water starts flowing from it. Check the draft if you are using gas to ensure your house does not fill up with carbon monoxide. This is how to install water heater at home effectively.

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