How to Maintain Underground Plumbing Systems, Daily maintenance tips, Weekly maintenance tips

How to Maintain Underground Plumbing Systems

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Should your plumbing system malfunction, everything in your home comes to a standstill, and you have a huge mess on your hands. A functional plumbing system is essential. Many people opt for underground piping since there is less risk of interferences.

When you have an underground plumbing system, you still need to take care of it for smooth running. Your plumbing system gives access to clean water and take care of waste. The plumbing system in place controls more aspects of daily life than most people realize. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise and end up spending more than you should, start maintaining the system. There are easy daily and weekly maintenance routines to help the system run smoothly always.

Daily maintenance tips

Use and maintain at the same time with easy tips to help your plumbing system. These daily tips help prevent clogging. While in the kitchen, always ensure that your water is running and disposal is on before you add food. Debris is the leading cause of clogging, banana peels, potato peels and any food items that are hard to grind should not go down the disposal shoot. Let water run for at least half a minute after using the disposal.

Hair down the drain in bathrooms is a major plumbing problem. To prevent this, install screens over the drains. Do not use the toilet as a trash can. Wipes and tampons do not flush down the toilet. If you are using chemicals to prevent clogging, it is time to stop as they cause corrosion in pipes.

Weekly maintenance tips

Checking on the smooth running of your plumbing once a week is not difficult. Maintaining your plumbing ensures small issues do not blow up and paralyze the whole system. Ensure to check for leaks under the sinks. If there is mold growing under the sink or there are watermarks, this is a sign of a leak. Areas most prone to leaks are faucets, valves, showerheads and toilet flappers.

Test the drains in your house to gauge the drainage speed. If bubbles are appearing while water flows, it shows that the drainage is slow. The other weekly maintenance is checking on all faucets in the house. Water should not come out of the handles or valves. When everything is functioning well inside the house, you are sure that your underground plumbing system is working correctly.

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