Metal Roof Leaks

Metal Roof Leaks and Roof Problems

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Metal roof leaks are nightmares to some. The metal roofs come in various shapes, textures, and materials. There are steel, aluminum, copper and alloy strips of metal roofs. Each texture and material come at a different cost; copper is more expensive than others. Most people prefer copper because it acquires a greenish layer that people like.

Most people prefer metal roofs because they are affordable and easy to install. They are very light which is both an advantage and disadvantage because they dent easily. Metal roofing is fireproof which is an added benefit. Many people especially love the fact that metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays keeping the house cool. However, when the metal roof leaks crops up, you must find a solution for these.

Like any other products, metal roofs have several problems that plague them. These issues include:

They are very noisy

When it rains, metal roofs are very noisy, the sound of every raindrop resonates in your house taking with it all the calm and quiet. During rainstorms, the noise is even worse.

They are susceptible to leaks

Compared to all other roofing materials, metal roofs are more prone to leaks. During installation, any punctures to the metal or gaps that are not correctly filled lead to leaks. Failure to address the leaks as soon as you notice them leads to larger problems.

Easily blown off

Unlike the heavier roofing materials that cave under high winds, metal roofs are easily blown away if their installation is haphazard. During high winds and storms, metal roofs are blown off, and sometimes they fold and break due to wind pressure.

Wear and tear

Metal roofs are more susceptible to wear and tear than any other roofing materials. Corrosion from acidic rain is one of the reasons. Foot traffic on metal roofs can also contribute to punctures on the roof. Minimizing the traffic on your metal roof is the best way to prevent wearing of the roof since caulking may not be very efficient.

Accumulating water

When a lot of water collects on your metal roof, the resulting pressure may lead to metal roof leaks. If water accumulates for a long time, it compromises the structural integrity of your roof.

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