Should you opt for asbestos siding?

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So many people are afraid of asbestos, citing that it is a health hazard. Most people pass this judgment even before understanding how and when asbestos is dangerous. The truth is, asbestos is a health hazard when exposed or disturbed, it is also the best siding ever to exist.

If you are a skeptic and still consider it dangerous, by all means, stay away from a house with asbestos siding. If the house you are purchasing has asbestos, it is easier to side over it or give up the house than to remove it. The process of removing requires trained personnel, and it is expensive.

Asbestos is very durable, a house with asbestos can last over 50 years, and the siding still looks brand new. Unless you disturb asbestos, you can live harmoniously without worrying or facing any dangers. Some of the disturbances that make it a risk include nailing.

Friable asbestos is hazardous. If you have asbestos siding on the inside of the house, it is a much bigger risk than when it is on the outside. Inhaling the fibers from asbestos can cause lung complications and cancer. Painting and siding over asbestos are techniques that many people use instead of incurring the cost and dangers of removing asbestos.

There are many upsides to asbestos than people realize. As dangerous as it sounds, it can protect your home from catching fire since it works as an insulator. If the siding has a proper cover with paint or vinyl, it is safe to consider a house with asbestos.

If you are wondering whether to get asbestos siding for your new house, you can go for it when you fully understand the risks and how to prevent the dangers of asbestos. It is important that you gather as much information about this siding as you can find.

Sheathing and siding over asbestos have restrictions in some areas as per the building codes. Ensure to comply with the building laws in your area. As long as the siding remains non-friable, it poses no threats to your health and life.

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