How to Renovate an Old House, Inspect the house , budget, Start with the roof and windows

How to Renovate an Old House

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Any work put into an old home requires careful consideration. When you decide to renovate an old house, you need to exercise caution and moderation. Many people make the mistake of overly planning and picking out things they want in the house before calculating the risks and practicability of what they want.

Old houses should be treated as rare gems since they hold past architectural designs, some of which you may want to preserve during the renovation. The best way to renovate an old house effectively is by taking things step by step. You should:

Inspect the house

It is an old house, and most of it may not work, but there are things in the house that you may want to keep. The inspection allows you to take inventory of what’s good, what’s broken and what needs replacing. With a thorough review, you can identify everything that needs renovating.

Have a detailed list

Once the inspection is complete, draw up a list of the areas you wish to start with and which areas can wait. The list should also pinpoint the areas that just need repairs instead of completely replacing. Once you have identified the order in which the renovation will start then you can check off the areas that are complete.

What’s your budget?

How much are you willing to spend on the renovation is an enormous and important question to address? Having a budget helps you limit your spending and guides the restoration. If you are on a small budget, find areas that are essential to renovate and prioritize on them. Your budget also informs the quality of materials to use for the renovation.

Start with the roof and windows

Before you let the excitement of a new kitchen or hardwood floors and great bathrooms, address the most critical areas first. The roof should take precedence over any other part of the house. Once you have the right roof in place, move on to the windows and doors. The list should help you organize the renovation in a logical order.



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