Why the Shape of Your Roof Matters

Why the Shape of Your Roof Matters

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Many people do not know this, but the shape of your home or roof can protect you from heavy winds and hurricanes. According to researchers, certain roof shapes can better resist the winds and make the house stronger to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When choosing a new roof for your home, consider the kind of weather the area experiences and whether or not your roof choice can withstand it. For reinforced protection during extreme weather, choose the shape of your roof carefully.

Standard roof shapes with weather resistant capabilities

A multiple panel roof is one of the many roof shapes with significant wind resistance. When you have a square floor plan and multiple panel roof, the roof helps to reduce the wind loads which keeps the structure grounded and unaffected by high winds.

A hip roof always has better wind resistance compared to gable roofs. Many people choose to have gable roofs because they are cheaper. However, they are easily destroyed by high winds. A sloping roof, built with at a 30-degree angle can easily break the strength of the wind.

A stapled roof is a sure way of getting your roof blown away during high winds. It is important to have your roof connected to the walls to build resistance. The wind forces your roof up when it is powerful; a roof joined to the walls is stronger and has better resistance.

Adding a central shaft to your roof especially in the areas that face the most pressure like the ridge and corners of the roof, helps reduce the wind power. The shaft connects the roof ridge to the central space and creates a pressure balance which reduces the wind load.

Limit the size of the roof overhangs to twenty inches at most to prevent roof failure during a hurricane. If the overhangs are longer, they are subject to uplifting when wind forces grow stronger resulting in roof failure.

Getting the right roof for all weather conditions saves you repair money after every strong wind blows. When considering a new roof or roof repairs, look into roof shapes and designs that can withstand extreme weather.

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