What are Some of the Signs of a Potential Sinkhole?

What are Some of the Signs of a Potential Sinkhole?

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Before the strike of natural disasters, there are always signs pointing to the possibility of that catastrophe. Whether a sinkhole occurs naturally or through human-made ways, there are potential signs that warn people of the impending danger.

Sinkholes can be very dangerous. A small sinkhole may not be a significant threat but can still claim lives and buildings. A massive sinkhole is one to be wary of since they can swallow a whole or a couple of buildings. Some of the signs to look out for are:

Pools of water keep appearing at close areas after it rains

If after it rains there are recurrent pools of water that were not appearing before. It is prudent to assume the worst and hope for the best.

Cracks that keep extending on the ground

Cracks on the field are a big concern especially if they keep getting larger and spreading.

Trees and fences tilting and falling

When there is a shift on the ground, it affects trees and fences which make them seem crooked and sometimes fall.

The foundation of your houses begins to slant

The foundation of your house is always built to be flat. If you notice that it is leaning towards one side, it could be an early sign of a potential sinkhole.

A pond or swamp suddenly dries up

A sudden unexplained drying of a pond or a swamp is suspicious. When the ground shifts and the rocks give way, they form a path for the water to pass through which is a sign there could be a sinkhole forming.

Small and huge depressions and holes appearing

A hole in the ground that you did not dig is a huge pointer towards something happening underneath.

Your well water fills up with debris

During the corrosion and underground water sweeping through minerals and rocks, your well water can become dirty all of a sudden which should raise the alarm.

Formation of other sinkholes in the area

If other sinkholes are appearing in the area, then it is possible that more sinkholes could form since the area has the same rocks and minerals.

If you notice one of these signs, it could mean nothing but if there are two or more happening, do not ignore the signs.

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