Wood Rotting Guide and the Causes of Wood Rot

Wood Rotting Guide and the Causes of Wood Rot

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Wood rotting is a major problem for the structural integrity of your house. When wood becomes too wet, it begins to rot. Wood rotting is always an indication that the moisture levels in the house are too high. There are three main types of wood rot.

1.    White rot

White rot is mainly evident in hardwoods. When you begin to notice white mushy stuff appearing on wood, it is indicative of white rot.

2.    Dry rot

Dry rot describes wood that has decayed and dried. For wood to rot, there has to be moisture which makes the idea of dry rot inconceivable. Dry rot only exists when the wood has finished rotting and dried.

3.    Brown rot

When the wood has brown rot, it breaks down into cubes. Advanced stages of dry rot cause the wood to break down into powdery insides that crumble easily. Wood with brown rot cannot support the structure of the wood.

Wood Rotting- Causes of wood rot

The leading causes of wood rot are:

Poor drainage

If you have poor drainage in your home, the water accumulates on the sides of your house and sips into the wood leading to gradual rot.

  Faulty plumbing

The plumbing system in your home can also cause structural problems if it is defective. Leaks in your house are absorbed into the wood causing rot.

Close wood to earth contact

During construction, the wood should not come in touch with the ground. The earth is full of moisture

Position of your sprinklers

The position of sprinklers on your lawn can cause your wood siding to rot. When the water from the sprinklers keeps touching parts of your house, those parts will rot faster than any other side. Therefore, dry wood does not rot.

  Inadequate ventilation

So many things in the house produce moisture which makes the need for ventilation vital. Inadequate ventilation in the rooms accumulates moisture which then condenses and causes wood rotting. It is important that windows in the house are open and you install vents to let out excess moisture.


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